For the past twenty years we have had the opportunity to work with the Mignault team both corporately and personally. We have come to count on Jim and the team to ensure we are on track, hold us accountable to our goals; while taking the time to meet with us on a regular basis. Whether it be working with our accountant for taxes, with our lawyer for estate plans or simply updating our financial plan, we know and are confident that Jim has our best interests in mind. Thank you Jim, we sincerely appreciate you and the entire team.  

TPF Family

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Our Solutions

With an enhanced team-based approach that provides both local and national industry expertise, Mignault Badder & Associates Private Wealth Management provides you with an elevated level of advice and resources. We provide comprehensive wealth management solutions and based on what is right for your unique needs, we will tailor an approach specific to managing your wealth and achieving your goals.

Retirement Planning

Personalized advice goes beyond evaluating numbers to give you insightful retirement strategies. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of what truly matters to you and how your needs might evolve – to ensure your plan today meets the needs of your tomorrow.

Tax Planning

Taxes are a critical consideration that impact every aspect of your financial life. As part of a holistic planning approach, we’ll integrate sophisticated tax planning solutions to help manage the complexities of your wealth and ensure your overall plan is tax-efficient.

Estate Planning

Creating a legacy for the people, organizations and causes you care about requires proactive planning. We will help you create a carefully structured estate plan that reflects your unique wishes, protects your wealth and provides clarity to those you love.

Our Leadership


Create a financial plan for life’s ‘what ifs?’

Imagine a holistic financial plan that can test and adapt to your ‘what if’ questions.

See your income in retirement

With the help of an IG Advisor, you can find out your monthly income in retirement.

Sustainable investing

Since 1926, IG Wealth Management has been developing innovative ways to responsibly invest our clients’ capital in order to maximize their investment returns.